3 Reasons Your Life Is Like a Box of Chicken

“I am a minister at a small church, who am I to do something big and great?”Pinterest graphics Lakia Robinson LivetoInspireblog.com (1)

“Me hold an online prayer chat?!? I don’t want to reinvent the wheel, you know?! Someone else is already doing it.”

“I don’t even deserve to be at this event! There are so many other qualified people here.  I can’t believe it!”

Whaaaaaatttttt? (I’m literally screaming this in my mind.)

These were real life conversations I had with real people just like you and I.  When I got off the phone or sent the last text, I was shocked and dismayed.  How could talented, amazing people with incredible skills & talents to offer break my heart like that?  To have the audacity to believe that their gifts weren’t special enough to make an impact on this world? In those moments, I wish they could see what I saw, but it was impossible to break through.  So, I had to break it down into an analogy that my husband and I once discussed. It’s very simple, yet so profound.  

Ok, so let’s think of chicken. (Stay with me on this one please haha)

Choose your favorite fast food chicken joint.

Whichever you like–KFC, Popeyes, or Bojangles (I’m pretty sure you have your hometown favorite), have you ever asked yourself, why are they so uber successful?

Obviously, they’re still around for a reason, even if they sell the exact same thing—chicken! Why? Because people like the way they make it. They know that if they go to either of these places, they will get a certain flavor, spice or taste that will satisfy their taste buds. Even more, they know that their side dishes are different too! Bojangles french fries are different from KFCs and Popeyes!

When we tie this concept into our purpose, the same applies. Here’s three reasons.

Here we are, people with messages similar to the next person, but in the end, they are different.

  1. I don’t have your experiences.
  2. I don’t have your talent or delivery.  
  3. Above all, I am not you!  

My “chicken” or my delivery is unique to me. Even my “side dishes”– experiences, gifts and talents, personalities, quirks, education–they are definitely not the same. With that being known, that leads me to this question, why are you not pursuing the thing you love?  

Please, do not allow fear, anxiety, doubt, insecurity or feelings of overwhelm to paralyze you.  Your gift needs to be shared with those you are to impact. Just think, if there are 7 billion people in the world and you’re supposed to impact 1%, that’s more than enough to kick in gear and share your talent and message!

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