How to STOP Comparing Yourself

Scale-Sketch-SolidWorksAs you’re walking on purpose, do you ever get a little frustrated that your life isn’t panning out how you’d hope? Have you ever watched a Youtube video, read a Facebook post, saw an IG picture or perhaps opened up your inbox to see content from another entrepreneur that you admire and that you’re following…

…Doing EXACTLY what I want to do, and they are doing it WELL?  

The laser focus of “getting your stuff done”, slowly starts to fade away and you find yourself doubting if it’s ever going to happen for you.  You start to focus on how things aren’t working out in your life and business.  Ultimately, you feel discouraged.

(Ok, maybe it’s just me that’s felt that way.)

I can remember a time when my heart literally sank way and I started questioning if it would ever happen for me. “Am I good enough? Will I EVER get a chance to do what I love?” These questions INVADED my mind.

In my new video, I talk about ways to overcome your desire to COMPARE your journey in business and life to someone else.  (Ugh, I hate that word, comparison, by the way.)  Check it out!



Are You Nesting?

You ever feel like something big was getting ready to happen, but you couldn’t quite figure out what? The distance (or the closer) you felt among others? The constant preparation or getting your affairs in order?  All of these feelings led you to believe that something bigger was getting ready to happen.  So, naturally, you started to prepare, in an attempt not to miss it.

If you’ve ever felt this way, know that you aren’t alone; many others feel the same.  Actually, that’s how I felt, but I couldn’t quite articulate what I was going through until I had a conversation with a pregnant lady! Here’s how the story went.

I was hanging out with a few friends, when we started to discuss a topic that literally blew me away. One of my friends was pregnant for the first time, the other had three children, and then there was me, with none.  “Are you nesting yet?” asked the mother of three.  “Yep, I am! I’m around the house cleaning and scrubbing all the time,” the other said. For me, that was a new term, so I had to ask, “What is nesting?”  

“It’s when your body starts to naturally prepare for the baby. In preparation, you start to get your home ready.”

My mouth was wide open (literally). I didn’t realize that your body would do this naturally.  As we continued to chat, I didn’t realize that I would revisit this conversation a few weeks later, to find small lessons weaved throughout the concept. What I learned was not limited to natural birthing, though, but spiritual too. Ok, so let me tell you what I saw.

I saw the Lord wanting to heal friendships and relationships that needed to be mended. Where I had been hurt by some things (and I just chalked it up to “whatever”) He was nudging me to remember & forgive. Where I had been desperately wanting to relocate, I saw where was naturally preparing.

It didn’t end right there, though.  Not only was this happening naturally, for me to transition physically, but I was also preparing to transition spiritually.  I felt the urge to fast and pray to hear what God was saying.

He began to share with me that where He was taking me, the next level, I couldn’t take old baggage.  That the new thing couldn’t be tainted with old attitudes, beliefs and work habits.  As a good friend shared with me, “It’s not really a transition, but a move–moving something from one place to the other.” 

As I’ve learned, whenever you’re about to transition, or you’re about to “birth” something new, there is a preparation that must take place, and it will do so naturally.  Both in the natural and spiritual, you’ll see things start to shift. At times, we may not even know what’s happening to us until it happens.  Where we are in the transitioned place and hindsight reminds us, “Oh, that’s what I was preparing for!”

Are you preparing for that knowingly or unknowingly preparing for the next level? What do you need to get in order so that you can fully enjoy the new blessings?

A special shout out to Crystal Redmon, Melissa Jones & Angie Mays 🙂 

Two Strategies You MUST Know When You Feel Your Voice Isn’t Being Heard

You ever feel like you’re not making a difference? Like everything around you will be the same, so there’s no point in trying?  OR, have you ever said something along these lines, “No one cares! Why would they listen to me? They aren’t paying attention?” If you’ve had this conversation before with someone else, or in your mind, I’d like to welcome you…into the club!

It’s crazy, but just last week, I was telling someone that I was tired of talking and my words not being heard. I didn’t understand why I kept being put in situations where I was wasting my breath. This morning, though, I had a dream that shook me and in the end, I was left with these questions: What if someone’s life depended on it?  What if your words were THE words they needed to change the course of their day?

I know for some of us, it may not be our reality, to think someone would value what we say or even to think that when you do speak, they don’t listen.  I get it.  However, I have a different perspective. As you’re living and doing business on purpose, wherever you go, your words can manifest life, even if they don’t seem to be listening.

In order to overcome this belief, you have to remember these two key elements.

  1. Know your purpose
  2. Know you’re just a helper

Why? Because there are two different roles you play in someone’s life. Remember, there will be times when you are planting a seed and then others when you’re watering it.

Just think, you say something to someone, they may not be ready for it at the time, but years down the line when they need it, they remember what you said–that’s planting a seed. There are other times when you’ll speak to them and they are ready to actively do what you suggest. Even more, what you say causes them to become encouraged to grow, be more, and desire to live a life on purpose.

Knowing each of these stages in life is essential to your mental sanity (trust me on this one haha.) You must remember that as you’re walking on purpose, you are only a helper to God, helping Him accomplish what’s needed! In the end, the increase (the growth in their life) can’t come from you, only God. So, don’t stress yourself out when feel they won’t listen.  If God is telling you to speak it, say it, and then wait for instruction because you never know who needs the “seeds” or “watering” in their life or business. You have power in your voice and the ability to create change through God-inspired words.  Never lie to yourself–your voice IS anointed.

Is that you? Are you TIRED of speaking, feeling like nobody’s listening? Share your story.

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