What to do When You’re Waiting for the Next Level: My Red Carpet Hostess Experience

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to be the red carpet hostess in Richmond, VA.  It was the grand opening of Tim Reid’s (the actor who played Ray in Sister Sister) new studio, Legacy Media Institute. It was a lot of fun!

How it all happened:

I received an invitation to do the red carpet event from a panelist from a previous TV hosting job I did two years prior. Of course, I love interviewing so I said yes! Although, I had not done a lot of interviewing in the past few months, I took on the challenge because I was ready for an opportunity to connect with other influencers & do what I was passionate about. I took away many valuable lessons. Pinterest graphics Lakia Robinson LivetoInspireblog.com

Here’s what I learned:

There will be times when you continuously strive to reach the next level, but the next level will not come. You’re ready to venture out and achieve more than what you’re doing, but something’s holding you back.  If you find yourself walking down that path, I have one word for you– GET PREPARED!

As you’re waiting for your time to come, that breakthrough that you’re desperately waiting for, take that time to perfect your skills and prepare for your new responsibilities.

Let me share this story with you.   Want a little more?

Distractions, How Many of Us Have Them?

Can I be honest? The other day I did a scope on Periscope. I was prepared and had all of my thoughts collected. I knew I would get my message out there with ease and grace.  Well, that was an epic fail. Yes, I got my words out, but not with much clarity, grace or ease. When I got off the scope, I realized, I had not performed to my expectations and I was mortified. Why did this happen? What happened? One simple phrase, “I got distracted.”  

Pinterest posts for blog livetoinspireblog.com distractions (1)Distractions come to divide your attention and prevent concentration. They come to pull apart, separate,  and ultimately create a drawing away of the mind.

The feeling that comes after a distraction is sickening. To think, you spent seconds, minutes, hours, possibly days being off task and unproductive. Even more, you felt robbed of precious time. That’s how I felt after my scope.

I was sharing my experiences as usual, but then thrown off by a negative comment. “Why is this person even on here?”  I thought. I was in disbelief. The unbelief turned into rambling, the rambling into anger, and the anger into cutting my scope short. When I got off, I was livid and storming around the house upset.

After I settled down (it wasn’t a pretty sight to see) the BIGGEST revelation came to me.

Distractions are IN-EV-IT-A-BLE.  No matter who you are, they are coming.  However, you don’t have to fall for them. IF you do, you have to ask yourself the question, Why did I?

My reactions, although seemingly sparked by someone else outwardly, had nothing to do with that person. Honestly, how I reacted was a mere reflection of what was going on deep within ME!  On a typical day, the comment would not have annoyed me, but since I already had other things going on, it affected me.  Actually, there were unresolved bitterness towards someone else. There were “holes in my soul” that needed to be plugged.  My response was triggered by me. 

That was a tough pill to swallow because there should always be something or someone to blame. However, when it’s YOU, it’s not as easy to accept. Sure, they should not have said the negative comment, but at the end of the day, my reaction & pulling my focus away from more important things, is what counts.

So, I have something for you to remember. Distractions and negativity WILL come; it’s a part of life.  What’s more important is how you handle it. Fix whatever is going on with you and watch how you soar in all areas of your life.

Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation? Where you’ve been distracted by life’s events? How did you handle it?

You Have EVERYTHING You Need to Succeed

Everything you need is already within.”

You ever hear that statement before?  Where you’re in a situation and people tell you, “Don’t worry, you got this?” When clearly in your mind, you feel like you don’t?

I never understood that statement until I was faced with a situation and I HAD to rely on a strength and skill set that already lied within. Actually, I had to go back to my favorite sport (volleyball) to teach me the true meaning behind the “You already have what you need within” thought process.Pinterest posts for blog

My entire life I’ve played volleyball. In the beginning it was extremely difficult learning the basic rules & flow of the sport. However, I challenged myself every summer until I was in the starting line up in high school.  At that point, I knew that whatever I put my mind to I could do, if I applied myself.

Well, almost fifteen years later, I was back in the same position, but now I was playing volleyball on sand instead of the gym floor. Of course, I knew the sport in and out, but my circumstances changed drastically! (If you’ve ever played football on turf versus grass, you’ll understand! Or hockey on the streets versus the ice!) Well, like these sports, volleyball wasn’t any different! Even more, it was very similar to the game of life. Here’s what I learned.

Whenever you are faced with adversities or dilemmas, although it may not be the exact scenario, you still have something you learned previously that you can apply to your situation.  Remember, your surroundings may change (just like beach volleyball versus the gym) but the skills you need to win don’t.

Trailblazers, you are more prepared than you think you are!  The key to succeeding and you winning, though, is to adjust your mindset.  You HAVE to focus and determine in your heart to practice until you are able to flow freely in the new environment. Trust me, it’s a little “off” at first, but when you get the hang of it, you’ll soar to newer heights.

You ever found yourself in a new environment and didn’t think you could make it? How did that turn out for you?