How to Make SMART Decisions When You’re Irritated, Agitated or Under Pressure

Can I tell you about my last few weeks? Seriously, they have been extremely frustrating & the WORST.  Wake up at 5am to pray (at times I wasn’t consistent, maybe later in the day), fight through traffic for about 40 to 50 minutes, do some work for my business, work with my client, fight in traffic for another 50 minutes to an hour to get home, and do more work. The next four days, rinse & repeat.Pinterest graphics Lakia Robinson

I was starting to get agitated and burned out. To make matters worst, when you are in partnership with lazy people who pretend to do stuff, it makes you want to scream. Can you relate? People throwing work on you because you seem “more responsible” or “dedicated”? Well, long story short–I hated every single moment of it. I was irritated, agitated and extremely cranky and I knew it was time for a change. 

So, here’s what happened…


I decided that it was time to pursue a new business venture, one that and give me more freedom financially & physically (not tying me down to a location). So, I contacted someone that I thought would be an awesome partner. I felt peace about my decision to move forward; however, I still needed that confirmation. (I’ve been in numerous situations where I tried it on my own and failed miserably, so I knew I needed to make sure this was the right move to pursue. What’s awesome, is that within a matter of hours I received a phone call that shook up my world.

The voice on the other end of the call soothed me. It gave me clarity and perspective. When I got off the phone, I knew God answered my question and I wasn’t going to move forward. I was relieved. Through this experience, though, I learned some valuable lessons. Here’s what I learned:

  1. Don’t jump at opportunities when you’re frustrated.  One of the worst things you could ever do is move when you’re frustrated, tired, anxious, or in limbo. Visually, I see it equivalent as a snowglobe. Continuously, you shake the snow inside until it’s all over the place; however, once you stop shaking, the snow settles at the bottom. The same with our emotions. When they settle, you may find yourself in a situation financially, emotionally, maybe even physically that you never anticipated.
  2. Recognize the seasons in your life. Whenever you feel resistance or a massive amount of pressure, use it as an indication that something is getting ready to transition. The transition will happen, but you don’t want to leave too soon. Have you ever jumped out of line because the line was going too slow? As soon as you leave, the line starts moving quicker than it ever has before! (Or maybe it’s just me haha). That’s what I mean by moving too soon. Your blessing is on the way if you hang in there.
  3. Know the difference between adversities that come to light a fire under your butt to push you to the next level versus you moving out because of your frustrations; it’s a thin line. One makes you work better and harder because you really do need an extra push because you’re stagnant, while the other comes to frazzle and frustrate you to move when you really shouldn’t be going anywhere. Don’t be fooled by the latter. I’ve found that they are only distractions to keep you focused from what you’re really supposed to be learning during this season. Even more, it will cause you to feel worn down and tired because of the indecision that seems to come along with it–you won’t feel at peace. Or, if you do, it may shortly unravel.

Overall, the key to winning is to make sure you are aware of your feelings, address them, and then respond once you’re clear headed and nothing is “agitating” you. So, my question to you, have you been in the same situation? Where you found yourself moving out of fear, feeling overwhelmed, or frustrated? I’d like to hear about it.




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