Live to Inspire

Hello world!

I Proposed am so very excited to be writing my first blog with you.  I anticipate sharing many different wholesale jerseys stories and revelations that have transpired throughout my life. From education, business, to finding inner beauty, we will go on a journey that will hopefully help you to love who you are.   

My motto: Live to Inspire — “Living, Laughing, and Loving Who You Are!”


Why? Because, during this day and age, when everything is nipped, tipped, and tucked, and all about “having it all” (i.e. outer beauty, financial success, etc.), you HAVE to know who you are and stand against the grain. How would I know such a thing? Well, let’s see, I wanted to be a video model at one point in time, I cared only about money (so I stepped on anyone to get to the top), at times I had high self esteem, and then very low esteem (all dependent on which “friend” stuck close to me, which boy showed me attention, or perhaps whether I “measured up” to what I read or watched in magazines and/or television shows).  Literally, the list goes on and on. I think I’m well-qualified…

But, please believe, I’m definitely not claiming to be an expert or know EVERYTHING! I’m simply saying that there are things that I’ve gone through cheap jerseys in my life that are worth sharing! If I have learned anything throughout this journey of becoming who I Things really am supposed to be (bursting out of the box people placed  me in, enjoyed as well as the labels placed on me), is that through your life experiences someone else can become inspired to achieve, just because they saw wholesale jerseys you overcome and set a standard! 

Seriously—let’s have some fun and Live to Inspire…“Living, Laughing, and Loving Who WE Are TOGETHER!”

***In addition, at least two times per month, I Youre will have some type of video podcasts that I will be sharing, as well as regular podcasts.  I hope you enjoy this just as much as I will.  SO, check back with me…. hope to see hear from you soon.***



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webmistress27 - January 7, 2010

Like your blog your sending a positive message across the web we need more of that, keep up the good work and check us out sometime.


lose weight - November 24, 2010

Thank you. Nice blog you got going on here. Have some more sites to link to with more info?

    Lakia - November 25, 2010

    Thanks for stopping by. And thank you for the encouragement. I have been super busy and not been able to post, but I’m more settled now. What type of sites were you interested in?


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