I Like Me, Do You Like Me? If Not…Who Cares?

As I sit here, hands on home row, reminiscing on what has transpired throughout my life, I realize three things:

  1. I cared entirely too much about my physical appearance
  2. I based my happiness on how others viewed me
  3. I was miserable

Why? I have NO idea.  Well, maybe I may have a little tiny clue on why I acted in such a way.  When I was younger, I had huge bucked teeth—some could compare me to Goofy. I was a gangly little thing– literally having to hold onto something or someone as there would be huge gusts of winds.

I wish I could steal back those moments that seemingly defined my childhood and early adult life. Where others called me dumb, ugly, or stupid, I wish I could have said, “WHO CARES, I LOVE ME!”

I had so many things that I wanted to pursue throughout my life.  If I only tapped into the potential that I had, I could have achieved greatness at such a young age.  Unfortunately, I didn’t do as much as I could have done because I was ALWAYS looking at everyone else and wondering what they were thinking about me.

For those who can relate, I will say this– I can almost guarantee you that you have greatness within.  Everyone, and I repeat, EVERYONE has something to give this world. You have some special talent or gift that can change your environment.  Please, don’t allow others or YOURSELF to hinder that treasure within.


Who are you when no one’s looking? What talents and gifts have you stifled, hid, and/or kept trapped inside of you because you were too busy worrying about what the other person was saying or thinking? I encourage you to be you! If you’re writer, WRITE!, singer, SING!, dancer, DANCE!, painter, PAINT!  You just may be the next great Edgar Allan Poe, Jennifer Hudson, Shawn Price, and/or Picasso—you never know.

So, I leave you with this question, who are you when no one’s looking? Embrace it!

I’m trying to keep these blogs really short… but I have much more to write, so consider this Part I.




How to Net (Work) (You)rself

Me: “I cannot believe my ears! Are you kidding me?!? You really don’t know how to network?”

Friend: “No, I never really knew how to.”

You see, before this brief excerpt of my conversation with a friend, I just knew everyone in the world knew how to, and had the confidence, to go into a room and light it up! (Ok, let’s be serious here… I simply meant be a shining star lol).

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.  I got smacked right in the face with the truth; not everyone likes or feels comfortable networking.

So, I decided to put together a short list of sweet somethings that I keep in the back of mind as I am networking in a sea of people.  These  somethings can also assist you in being authentic in your approach— working the real you!  Well, here goes…

 (click on the picture below)

At the end of the day, Work You!  Work what’s the best for YOUR personality, not anyone else.  Yes, you can take a little bit of advice from him, her, or whomever.  However, always tweak it to your personality.  If you’re a quiet person, EMBRACE WHO YOU ARE!  Don’t become loud and obnoxious just to get a contact!  It’s annoying and people see right through it.  You don’t have to be a Networking King or Queen, just BE YOU!


Live to Inspire

Hello world!

I Proposed am so very excited to be writing my first blog with you.  I anticipate sharing many different wholesale jerseys stories and revelations that have transpired throughout my life. From education, business, to finding inner beauty, we will go on a journey that will hopefully help you to love who you are.   

My motto: Live to Inspire — “Living, Laughing, and Loving Who You Are!”


Why? Because, during this day and age, when everything is nipped, tipped, and tucked, and all about “having it all” (i.e. outer beauty, financial success, etc.), you HAVE to know who you are and stand against the grain. How would I know such a thing? Well, let’s see, I wanted to be a video model at one point in time, I cared only about money (so I stepped on anyone to get to the top), at times I had high self esteem, and then very low esteem (all dependent on which “friend” stuck close to me, which boy showed me attention, or perhaps whether I “measured up” to what I read or watched in magazines and/or television shows).  Literally, the list goes on and on. I think I’m well-qualified…

But, please believe, I’m definitely not claiming to be an expert or know EVERYTHING! I’m simply saying that there are things that I’ve gone through cheap jerseys in my life that are worth sharing! If I have learned anything throughout this journey of becoming who I Things really am supposed to be (bursting out of the box people placed  me in, enjoyed as well as the labels placed on me), is that through your life experiences someone else can become inspired to achieve, just because they saw wholesale jerseys you overcome and set a standard! 

Seriously—let’s have some fun and Live to Inspire…“Living, Laughing, and Loving Who WE Are TOGETHER!”

***In addition, at least two times per month, I Youre will have some type of video podcasts that I will be sharing, as well as regular podcasts.  I hope you enjoy this just as much as I will.  SO, check back with me…. hope to see hear from you soon.***


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