How to Deal with Disappointments & Setbacks

This past weekend, I found myself in PA for a family reunion for food, fun and family memories! It was awesome. Of course, like a typical reunion, you always have games. Well, there was a game, in particular, that had me excited to play –the good ole sack race! One thing I wasn’t expecting, though, was to LOSE and experience a life lesson in the process. I’d like to share what happened.

My other three family members and I grabbed our sacks and lined up along the line to start the race. On the other end of the field, we anxiously eyed the “race official” until he screamed, “GO!” When he did, we took off hopping. I was winning. As soon as I got to the other side, though, I had to turn around and hop back to the other end to secure the official win. In my mind I thought, “I got this!” But then something happened. When I looked up, my cousin was halfway down the field. Trying to hop as fast as I could, I followed behind her. Next thing you know, she won the race!

Of course, the competitor in me was a bit disappointed because I wanted to win, but the conversation I was about to have with my husband would change my loss into a win.

After the race I told him, “I can’t believe I lost.” He said, “You had her, but when it was time to transition, she got you. You slowed down, but she got to the end and immediately turned right back around –that gave her the advantage.”

W-O-W-what? When he said this to me, it was like a flood of bricks toppled onto my head.

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How to Keep Calm When You Think God Made a Mistake

Have you ever used a GPS before? (I’m pretty sure you have, but just had to ask lol)

Well, the other day, I was trying to get back to my house from this conference I attended. I didn’t know Pinterest graphics Lakia Robinson LivetoInspireblog.com quote about not giving up without a fighthow to get back, so I fired up the gps on my phone.

When I got the directions on how to get out of the neighborhood, I immediately turned off my gps when I became familiar with where I was going.

As I continued to mosey on down the highway, jammin, I started to think (I mean REALLY think) about my relationship with God and how turning off my gps was VERY similar to what I do in my relationship with Him.

There have been PLENTY of times when I’ve asked God to “show me the way” “give me direction” but once I felt like I knew where I was going, I shut down to His voice and cruised along my merry way because I KNEW what He was planning to do. I assumed that because He took me this way, that that over there (what I wanted) was soon to follow. Well, uh, nega-ti-vo. What He wanted, every-single-time, was different than what I thought. There were times when I’d say, “God, you’re taking me the wrong way! Or, I wanted to do that over there! Why can’t I go this way?”

What I’m really trying to say is:

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